complicaTed first-person enTanglements, the soul of things & JUICY sacks of UNEXPLAINABLE synchronicities from out there in the slippery, hilarious wild


A bite-size video series of short clips combining sensuality and food from famous and obscure films. Watch and listen.

A continuing, curated series of intimate letters between artists and their muses, letters from novelists, painters, tragic figures, fictional characters, fools and ghosts.  What the hell was going on with these crazed people?  Read them.

The Margins - The Dreamer and The Dreamed - Episode 03 - Liquescence

The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas. In a mix of audio stories about obsessions & the supernormal, mashups, dramatic readings from obscure, trippy journals and soundscape collage, the series explores the idea that there are thoughts living between the spaces, in the cracks of things you can’t explain. Listen.

Continuing curated series of fiction and essays read by artists, authors and actors. Featuring work by James Baldwin (read by Chris Rock), Louis Borges, Raymond Carver (rare; read by the author), Veronica Geng and more.  

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