A statement of purpose (so you know what you’re getting into): For people who dig Black Mirror, Wes Anderson, Nina Simone, Guillermo Del Torro, a good Trane riff and experimental storytelling. For lurkers who prefer unapologetically multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-creature, time travel escapades or sensual voltage or alarmingly post-post-modern magic realism. For readers with a yen for heavy research, romantic talkies, supernatural awakenings, and the horror sometimes found in loving too much or forgetting your soul. For the watery shape we all become as we merge into the big conversation. That’s this. That’s us. That’s what we try to do. We intend to delight and hope you join us.

Fiction. Audio. Curation.


Fiction. A series of short and long featuring darkly humorous supernatural fringe, the paranormal, Spec Fic, and things you can’t explain.  Every story features original artwork and original music. New work as audio and ebooks.

A late night vibe. A mix of audio works exploring the supernormal, synchronicities, dramatic readings from obscure, trippy journals, mashups, and soundscape collage. Listen.

A bite-size video series of short clips combining sensuality and food from famous and obscure films. Watch and listen

Continuing curated series of fiction and essays read by artists, authors and actors. Featuring work by James Baldwin (read by Chris Rock), Louis Borges, Raymond Carver (rare; read by the author), Veronica Geng and more.