The Margins: Ep.01 – “The Book Encounter”

THE MARGINS: Oddly-Shaped Ideas

"Synchronicities could drive a person crazy."

The book is American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology, an X Files meets souped-up DaVinci Code by Diana Walsh Pasulka. She’s a professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. The tale is wild, bold and for some, far-fetched: Pasulka embarks on a road trip with scientists (“The Invisibles”) who create technologies from UFO artifacts.

American Cosmic - The Book Encounter on The Margins podcast.

An extraordinary claim with something…peculiar embedded in the narrative. After reviewing several hours of interviews, what caught our attention was the number of curious synchronicities that kept popping out, becoming part of the creative process itself. Bizarre coincidences connecting the cult movie Fight Club, a Saint that bleeds every January and weird “Book Encounters.” In this episode of The Margins we create a mashup of the strange, beautiful and weird synchronicities that cast a net over Professor Pasulka as she was writing the book.


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Production CREDITS
Writer-producer: Francesca Robin
Audio Engineering: Tim Baron of TimBaronVideo
Production Company: Liquescence Media

MUSIC: Setuniman; Hypathia

00:03 Synchronicities could make you crazy
03:22 Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity
04:09 St. Januarius, New Year’s Eve
06:00 I am Tyler Durden: absurd synchronicities with the movie Fight Club
09:00 The Book Encounter