​A series of short and long works about obsessions, darkly humorous, complex adult relationships, supernatural fringe, bad decisions, and things you can’t explain. Stories likely to punish and celebrate unfulfilled romantics, broken broken-hearted fools and love-hungry ghosts. Every story features original artwork and original music.​

Francesca Robin

An evocative short story about lovers at a sensual crossroads (with supernatural overtones in a minor key). 50 minute audio story + ebook in epub included. Available as an mp3 and flac.

Supernatural. Sensual Magic.


An unexpectant, accidental romance. What if a mysterious chance connection could change the way you see sex, love and intimacy…forever?

Romantic Comedy. Magic Realism.


Binge-worthy audio romance. Enjoy the complete immersive audio book adaptation. Run time approx 2.5 hours (around the length of a good movie). “Intelligent sexiness.” — AmazonTop Review.

Audiobook version.